Nutritional Guide

Nutritional needs change with the age of your child.  In addition, allergies may play a role in what your child can eat.  This section is designed to give you a basic understanding of hour your child’s nutritional needs will change with age.  In addition, it is important to consider that children can be different and that different health conditions can also impact they types of foods the child should or should not eat.  For example, if your child is a type I diabetic, the strategy to help your child should be one of proper on-time medication, as well as knowing which foods the child can enjoy and which ones should be avoided.

It is important to understand that this information does not replace the care of your pediatrician or nutritionist, nor is it intended to treat any disease. On the contrary, we hope that we can encourage you to always be in close touch with your pediatrician for the best possible care for your child.  We would be honored if you chose Your Health Pediatrics for your child’s ongoing pediatric needs.