The Rainy Season Vitamin D and Zika Virus

The Rainy Season Vitamin D and Zika Virus

It seems that the rainy season came late to Kissimmee Florida this year but now that it is here, we are seeing more clouds as well as rain, not to mention hurricanes and tropical storms. 

What this mean is that we stay inside more and when we are outside we are not absorbing much vitamin D on cloudy days.   Many people simply are zika-virus-and-pregnancynot aware of the importance of Vitamin D and how it keeps our immune system healthy.

All over the internet you can find advice about avoiding the Zika Virus.  We are all aware of our need to eliminate standing water around the house.  For example, you might have a water fountain for the birds, or you may have left a small bucket outside that has accumulated water and have forgotten about how easy it is for mosquitoes to breed.  Of course you have heard of the risks if you live in the tropics or subtropics or plan on taking a vacation to such locations.  In addition to Mosquito bites, the virus can be transmitted from the mother to her child in the womb, transmitted sexually from someone infected by Zika virus, and through blood transfusion.

Most people are unaware of the role vitamin D can play in protect you and your children.  Whether you are trying to prevent getting Zika or you are concerned you may have already been bitten by the Zika carrying mosquito, it is important to take action immediately.

First of all, if you have symptoms you will need to see your doctor immediately.  If your child has symptoms, is too young to speak and you see signs of your child being sick, you should see your pediatrician immediately.  Your children who are able to speak will usually let you know when they are feeling back but you may need to check to see if they have a fever, and if they are vomiting it is important to act immediately.

In addition, Vitamin D supplementation is also very important to strengthen your immune system.  The research on the supplementation of Vitamin D coming from Canada and other parts of the country where sunshine is not always an easy commodity to obtain is quite solid.  The US Food and Nutrition board (FNB) recommends a dosage for vitamin D way below the amounts that the conclusive studies from Canada have established for supplementation yet it has been shown that Vitamin D is very effective against the flu virus at much higher levels than the FNB recommendation.

More studies will do regarding the impact of Vitamin D and the Zika virus.  You can be sure that even though we lake specific research, the relationship to a strong Immune system and vitamin D is so solid that it made since that you have your vitamin D levels checked regularly and if you cannot get enough sun exposure that you use a Vitamin D3.

This site does not replace a consultation with your pediatrician.  Please see your pediatrician if you have health issues or questions.

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