Your Health Pediatrics Ribbon Cutting

Your Health Pediatrics Ribbon Cutting.  I am impressed with the City of Kissimmee.  Mrs. Belinda Kirkegard, Director of Economic Development for the City of Kissimmee went the extra mile in helping us set up a very successful launch of Your Health Pediatrics, Inc.  

Mr. Jose A Alvarez, Mayor of Kissimmee and others from the city were an integral part of the Ribbon Cutting welcoming us to the “Medical Arts District” which is the area between Florida Hospital in Kissimmee and Osceola Regional Hospital.  Others participating were Commissioner Angela Eady, The City Manager Mike Steigerwald; Deputy City Manager Desiree Matthews; and the former Mayor Jim Swan.

The success of the ribbon cutting is only one example of our many great experiences interfacing with the City.  From day it has been a pleasure working with the City of Kissimmee.  Everyone wants to help and has a genuine smile on their face. At the end of each email that Mrs. Belinda Kirkegard sends out (The Director of Economic Development) she ends it with “Smile”.  In deed, I have always been greeted with smiles when dealing with the City.  Thank you Mrs. Kirkegard for setting up an incredible launch of our business.

We were also blessed that Mr. Jeff Villanueva, the CEO of Florida Hospital drop by. We are very grateful to him and our dear friend, Executive Vice President of Florida Hospital Mr. Des Cummings. We are glad to be right next door to Florida Hospital’s Kissimmee location and not just because they have a first class cafeteria!

Dr Al Torres, the Pediatric Medical Director at Osceola Regional Hospital and Chief of Critical Care of Nemours, Jenny Peaks, Director of Physicians and Providers, with Osceola Regional Hospital and Lisa Howell, Physician Liaisons Manager/Strategy & Business Development also were in attendance, thank you for your attendance.  We were grateful for the press coverage.  Both Telemundo and Univision were represented as well

We would also like to thank Phamily Pharmacy of Kissimmee for dropping by also.

In addition, my father, Mr. Jaime Acosta was able to attend as well as my Aunt, Dr. Elca Reimer.

My husband, Brad Anderson, and I are grateful,

Thanks to all who participated!

Martha I Acosta MD

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